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Germany asked austerity from the weak countries  but this probably bear deflation instead of what we are expecting.  In order to achieve our goals, and give a booming in growth. to be more consumers, is the only way according to my opinion.

As a fun of Nicola Sarkozy  Christine Lagarde and France, i have the same point of wiew  regarding to strategy  should adopt to put in order our fiscal deficit .Germans because of their tactic who is very disciplinary and they are very hard workers, wrongly believing that all Europeans are like them.  But they are not.  They are unique doing this i admit it. Unlike rest Europe, they managed to remain economically first among the others countries.

Hers competitive companies and hers capableness for expanding overseas does not leaves space for the rest EU partners to expand and it is at their expense. If we wish to keep a balance in the economic level between us,  i suppose Germany should be start thinking about exporting goods a little bit less, and going  buy more. But this is for sure unlikely to happen.

We are family and must act together in a co ordinated way.   Instead of this Germany isolate more and more her self from the rest EU.  It is obviously that cares more for her national interests.  This had been shawn when disagreeded with Nato expansion and the war in the Afghanistan. She disagreeaded also with Gordon Brown whith the current matter rescuing economies which have problems.  Nicolas Sarkozy also faces different the matters that occupied EU than Angela Merkel does. Matters about independence of the European Central Bank and the common currency.  Merkel by not joining with France and Great Britain damaged her status.

For what matters in ours demands for supporting  us from the burdens who weighs  in our shoulders, Angela Merkel  pointing her  finger in I.M.F. keeping dinctance another time from the rest partners.

I  also want say that I am furious with my country because since we became a member of the EU we were not competitive and productive enough to became an equal member in the economical level.  Hellas who is by far the most overdrawn country in EU and also is my own country, must urgently reforms her public sectors and give a boost to unemployment.  We have more than enough civil servants so we do not know  exactly how many they are.  This is ridiculous .

All these must be put in good order. immediately.  Unions in Hellas is always keeping on strike only because of it’s owns interests by not taking account country’s interests unlike other unions do in theirs countries.

European Union was created to put an end to bloody wars between countries wich have as a result the II war.

I don’t know what happened all these days and the segregation was such intense which the already cold relationships between partners became more colder.

I hope Aggela Merkel will value the creation of EU by illuminated leaders

who wanted a peaceful and united Europe.




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