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This theme is dedicated in my lovest best friend of mine Erwin (when I told him I am going make a schwabich kartoffeln salad) he told me “was ist das? and Michel from Baden Wurtenberg, whom recently  added as a friend,.who is a fun of Schwabe

The first one did not know  about  SCHWABE,   the other one is a fun of schwabe as i shaw in his wall on face book.  So I decided wrote this theme.  It is good knowing our roots

The  Roman empire authority seriously had been shaken  when  the barbaric tribes of Alanis, Suebis, (Schwabe)  Allamanis, Vandals, and Bourgoudians  invated  in Gaul, today  France (here in Hellas we still call France GALLIA from  the word Gauls (the native celtic people= Gallia).  And that is the reason i insist  call Hellas instead of Greece. Greece  is a word that Ottoman Empire called us after 400 years of slavery.   The etymology from word  Greece came from the word (greki) that turkeys called us,  Greki= Greece. As well the rest Europe called us.

But you have as modernized world  realized that we have nothing in common with word Greece.  This land i live is always called HELLAS   thousand years  ago, before ottoman empire came from the stepes of Asia and conquered us and called us «greki» .  We  were occupied from turks , for 400 years slavery.   So we are Hellenes. Not greek ones.

Any way we have to come back on our subject.   The final collapse  of borders of river Rhine (Rhine was the physical barrier  between barbaric tribes and Roman Empire) gave an end in Roman Empire.

But we have concetrate in schwabisch people than the other barbaric tribes as i promised   at first.

Alamanis , from in Hellenic word, (αλαμανι) that’s why France still call Germany (ALLEMAGNE) from word Alamanis ,(Hellenic αλαμανις) and suebis in hellenic word (σουεμπις) (suebis), (Schwaben), were relatives tribes.   A part of them moved to Gaul (today France) and other part of them moved in Galicia,  Spains territory, who they are now semi-autonomous.  But  Francs  repulsed  them back to Germany territory about 496  ADE..  But they aren’t  alone.  Alamanis, Marcomanis, Quadi’s Langobardi’s were a Germanic group, whom Huns,  (EUROPE STILL REMBERED THEM FOR THEIR CRUELTY) deported them  in Galicia Spain.   After years  later they had  spread all over the Roman Empire territory.

Nowadays much of southwestern territory states like Baden Wurtenberg and Bavaria have a lot of Schwabich people as well as Schweiz has.

We have a lot of heritage in common.   Beacause  we are heirs of Roman Empire.  All people that has in common. Cristianity, Hellenic spirit, and Roman law, are Europeans.  And we have in common all of this.   A dream of mine is as the great colored man LUTHER MARTIN KING said: “I have a dream”( I feel so tiny in front of Luther ) but I have also a dream.  The truly United Europe.  We are all part of Europe which has given a lot of fights for her own ideals.

We have to defend hers ideals which Europe had given fights for them.  We are all part of Europe we have the same ideals, and we have defend of them.  We must not be divided, we must be united.  That is the way we won the enemies.

Friedly regards Patty

( PARTHENA  MEANS  virgin VIRGINIA IN LATIN) The virgo sighnal in zodiac cycle




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